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bamboo jewellery india , bamboo jewellery manufacturer china

Bamboo is an abundant natural resource for all those who live along the banks of the river Brahmaputra. Assam and its northeastern sister states are famous for its myriad products made from bamboo. Traditionally, bamboo is used in building walls and roofs, in making home accessories like mats, furniture, blinds, in making utensils and baskets, weapons, fishing equipment and several other artefacts, including jewellery.

Bamboo is popular all over the world and is a resource for traditional crafts in China, India , Japan, Bhutan, Myanmar and Southeast Asia. Though the craft of bamboo jewellery is ancient, the intricate designs made by the artisans of Assam are a rendition of their skills, developed in the past two decades. The technique of splicing, polishing and weaving takes time, and smaller the piece, the more difficult it is to make. The warm yellow sheen of bamboo makes it a perfect choice as an accent to precious jewellery. Its ability to retain dyes expands its variety in colours. Bamboo adds natural elegance to jewellery crafted in gold especially when combined with pearls or diamonds.

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