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Bidri Fashion Jewellery , Bidar in Karnataka

The craft of Bidri was brought to India by Persian artisans during the Bahmani rule around the 14th century and has been passed down to successive generations of the Muslim artisan community from Bidar in Karnataka.

Using wax models, the products are formed by sand casting an alloy of copper and zinc. These are filed before being engraved with intricate patterns. Thin strips or wires of pure silver are hammered into these grooves and the whole piece is buffed till it gleams shiny white. The piece is then heated and a paste made from water, ammonium chloride and a soil from Bidar is applied onto it and wiped off. This reacts with the zinc rendering it black, while the silver retains its white shine. Oil is used to further polish the piece till it attains its contrasting brilliance that is so typical of Bidriware.

This craft has been used for centuries in Spain, Morocco, Persia and Japan. There are around 200 artisans in and around Bidar today but the craft is slowly dying due to reduced demand for products like hookahs, bowls and samovars.

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