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Nirupa Bhatt is the Managing Director of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for India & the Middle East.

Gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies and emeralds ... we essentially all use the same raw materials in our industry.

So what makes one jewellery brand different than any other? The secret to this distinction lies in innovation.

When it comes to creativity, gem and jewellery education is no different. My experience has taught me that knowledge always leads to something greater. As we find newer and better ways to provide training and education in gems and jewellery, we open the door for many young, aspiring people to find their vocation in the industry.

Here are some ideas that need to be incorporated into gem and jewellery education to make it effective in the current market:

Up-to-date and relevant information

New developments such as simulants (diamond look-alikes), synthetics and gemstone treatments are a reality in the market today. Education and training need to cover these elements so that our workforce is prepared to deal with them effectively. Our curriculum must be up-to-date with the latest research findings relevant to the real world.



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